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November 3, 2015

I am back!!!!

OMG... IT has been too long, but I am back with so much to share! My life has changed drastically since my last post. I am now a wife to the AMAZING and HANDSOME Timothy Shepherd and we have a BEAUTIFUL Baby girl Bella! God has truly smiled on me!

So that is a little update, minus a lot of details!

March 25, 2013

Belk Turn 125!

Hey there!

It has been several months since I posted here. I have been so busy with work and Styleyouchic.com! But I am back! :) And I have to talk about every southen girls favorite go to store for shoes and hand bags! :)
BELK! Belk is turning 125 on May 29! Belk is doing it big! They are celebrate, about like how I do, for 5 months! :) They are giving away a prize everyday until mid July! How sweat is that! Register to win by going to belk125prizes.com.

While in the store a couple of weeks back I saw this beauty and she had to come home with me.
This color is only sold at Belk for the celebration of 125!

November 2, 2012


Hey There!
I am so excited to tell you all about my night. Tim and I went to see the premier of Missing, a short film put on by On The Set Summer Film Camp at The Alabama Theater.  On The Set Summer Film Camp teaches the full realm of film making to kids between the ages of 8 and 18. The campers go on location and are placed on a live action set to shoot a short film that stars a real Hollywood actor!

This year's real Hollywood actor/actress was Wendy Robinson from the hit BET show "The Game". What an awesome opportunity for the campers to work with such a great actress. Last night was phenomenal and I was really impressed with the talent of the camp and how they took on whatever their role was while executing it flawlessly. What a blessing for these young talented thespians to have such a camp to foster their craft!

I would like to say, job well done to David Tucker, Jr. for doing awesome and positive things with our youth. You can tell the kids really respected him and truly appreciated the camp and all that it offers them.

This film was written by the late Nancy Stickland who was such a talent! Congrats girl; your legacy will live on.

Now, this wouldn't be Birmingham AL Style if i didn't say something about fashion. While at the premiere, I bumped into my fashion male crush, Ryan Christopher. Here are a couple of pictures:

Black Blazer with leather trimming (Ann Taylor) OLD
Black leather Skirt (BCBG) old
Black and Gold and Pewter Shoes (Sam Edelamon) 

October 28, 2012

Magic City Classic Street Style


  Football is back and so is fall fashion. I truly enjoy this time of year. There is nothing like an HBCU football game to kick off the fall fashions.  The games provide us with a sneak peak of what's to come for the winter fashion months. The style is so broad!!! You will experience styles from Neiman's to City Trends and everything in between. That is what makes us great!   Our games are a melting pot of what is haute and what is not.  I somewhat attended the Magic City Classic this weekend.  Where Alabama A&M and Alabama State battled it out on the gridiron and the bands rock the stands,  but  you can rest assure that the fashionistas , diva's and fly guys  were  battling it out on the runway or should I say tailgate party.  
Congrats to Alabama State for winning 31 to 13. What a wonderful weekend of fashion, friends and
comradery. Here are a couple of outfits that I thought were B'ham Street Style worthy.



October 23, 2012

Classy or Trashy?

Tell me your thoughts?

October 22, 2012

Starfive Pieces!

Hey there! 
Saturday October 20th Tim and I displayed some of his uncle’s art work in the Avondale Art Walk. I was blessed to meet some really cool people and one of the fabulous people that I had the joy of meeting was Debra Butler. Debra is the owner of Starfive pieces. Starfive pieces is a really cute online boutique that specializes in homemade accessories made from recycled materials. How cool is that?
Debra says, I  always enjoyed making things and being creative as a child. I spent a lot of time playing with Play Doh, Lego blocks, and drawing/sketching. Those were the days!
As an adult that "hobby" never really left me and my love for fashion and accessories have grown tremendously. I find a lot of joy in taking some fabric and turning it into a scarf, necklace, headband, and more.

Why the name?
My parents have five children and my mother refers to us all as her stars. I am the fifth star, thus the name Starfive Pieces.


October 18, 2012